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Saturday, January 22, 2011


 Ok, this is one of my favorite heroes of all time, From comics, to Television channel, and until now...Kamen Rider is still evolving and meets the fans from any number of ages.

Since I was a kid, I used to watch Kamen Rider , the Armour costume superhero with mask. Back in that ages, they don't call it Kamen Rider, some call it Suria Baja Hitam(WHAT!!), Some call it Gaban whom real name in Japan is Gavan, and some call them Masked Rider..Me? I used to call them as Masked Rider.

OK, Who is Masked Rider? I show you who and what is Masker Rider actually..

Well, there you go..Masked Rider.But, in this picture they combine the old generation of Masked Rider and the new generation of Masked Rider..

I'm not sure if everyone know this cartoon. As far as I know, the Masked Rider is popular with their outfit , their super bikes use in the story, and finally maybe because of their final move before they finish their opponent.


In 1971, Shotaro Ishinomori introduce Kamen Rider to the world. Until today in 2011, Kamen Rider still evolving and produce new generation of Kamen Rider like Hibiki, Kamen Rider Dragon Knights and many more of them. 

Do you notice that Kamen Rider was first created in 1971. The first Kamen Rider I know is once aired on TV1 . But on that time, Kamen Rider was in US edition. I still remember the series that I watched since I was in Standard 1 ,it was Masked Rider Black.
I was born in 1990, so thats mean Kamen Rider was born before me for about 20 years before and its still continues until now. So...


Some of you maybe do not realize this right??

Ok, enough with the history.Lets start the super heroes journey with me...

Kamen Rider is popularly known for their style, their outfit and many more. Same like others, in order for them to turn to Kamen Rider, they have to to use some sort of Gadget before they could change. In Kamen Rider, they usually used their Kamen Belt and summon the word before they can changes. In Kamen Rider, they have they own super villain too.. Ok.come with me..I will show you the first Kamen Rider alongside with their evil empire villain.


Ok, this is Kamen Rider the first, the official name for the first Kamen Rider 1. Behind the mask is Takeshi Hongo. How did he become Kamen Rider?

In the Story, Takeshi Hongo was kidnapped by the evil organization name SHOCKER. In order to create supper villain, SHOCKER do abduct human and brainwashed them and turn them too monster. But, in many of them, Takeshi Hongo manage to run away from the SHOCKER and turn to Kamen Rider 1.
See the big belt on Takeshi Hongo belly, thats the Kamen Belt before a Kamen Rider could turn to.



Next is Kamen Rider 2. Behind the mask is Hayato Ichimonji. Before he turn to Kamen Rider, he was a normal photographer until one day he had been abducted by SHOCKER but luckily he manged to slip away and turn to Kamen Rider 2 and fight SHOCKER alongside Kamen Rider 1.


After the existence of Kamen Rider, the next Kamen Rider appear in order to save the world from the evil empire. The name was RIDERMAN. Uniquely, in all of Kamen Rider, Riderman have an magic right arm that can turn to many weapon like hook and many more. Behind the mask is Joji Yuki. Basically, Yuki Joji nearly died in attempt to suicide until the he was save by The Great Leader and join the evil side name DESTRON.
Being jealous by his own mates, he was betrayed by his own mates and taken to death sentence where he will be dipped into acid that cause him to loose his right arm. Luckily, Yuji Joji survive and return to good sides and fight against DESTRON and The Great Leader.



The next Kamen Rider is Kamen Rider X. Behind the mask is Keisuke Jin. Jin was the son of Kitaro Jin, a Robotics scientist until one day, Keisuke Jin was attacked by Neptune from G.O.D and cause him a serious injury and permanent injury. Help by his father, Keisuke Jin turn to Kamen Rider X and and fight against the G.O.D


 Next, Kamen Rider Amazon appear to fight against the evil empire name GORGOS. The man behind the mask is Yamamoto Daisuke. He live in rich family until one day his family plane was crash down to Amamzon Rainforest. Yamamoto Kei was the only survival of the crash and he was taken care by the Inca's.
One day, the Ten Faced Demon from GORGOS came and killed all the Inca's in order to search for a GIGI ARMLET that produce a super power ability. Before the leader of the Inca's die, he managed to give the GIGI ARMLET to Yamamoto Daisuke. 


The man behind Kamen Rider Stronger is Shigeru Jo.After the death of his best friend and mentor by Black Satan, Shigeru faked ignorance of their part in the murder by accepting the offer to become a cyborg in order to get his revenge on the organization, escaping before he could be brainwashed. In the process, Shigeru meets Yuriko Misaki as they work together against Black Satan. The two eventually meet Tōbei Tachibana as well.


In order to bring down NEO-SHOCKER, the SKYRIDER was born. The man behind the mask is Hiroshi Tsukuba. His speciality is fighting on the sky. With the help from Dr Keitaro Shido, Hiroshi Tsukuba life was save by him without any notification of NEO SHOCKER and born as a justice warrior that fight against the evil empire Neo Shocker.



Kamen Rider Super 1 was born after a group of scientist was killed in massive amount in order to fullfill the evil empire DOGMA KINGDOM desire. Being defeated by the evil, Kazuya Oki turn to Kamen Rider Super and defeated Jin Dogma. 



Murasame Ryo and her sister was kidnapped by the evil empire name BADAN. During the detention, Murasame Ryo has become the experimental material to insert the BADAN leader to his body due to the BADAN leader who has no body after defeated by Kamen Rider 1 and Sky Rider. After the experiment, Murasame Ryo manage to get away from BADAN and fight on his own without any help from another Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider ZX was the last to join the 10 Kamen Rider after Murasame Ryo regain his memory.


Kotaro Minami was captured by the evil side name GORGOM. During the process of deleting his memory, his father Nabuhiko suddenly interrupted the process and produce the chances of Kotaro Minanmi to get away and in conclude, his father was fall into coma. In order to regain peace, Kamen Rider Black once defeated and died. Luckily, he was resurrected by his remaining family and he back and defeated Shadow Moon.

Ok, thats the end of the 10th Kamen Rider..Hope you some videos for you to watch :)
See you soon..


  1. This is the worst article about Kamen Rider series that I even seen before. Where's Kamen Rider V3? Why Kamen Rider Nigo have a picture of Rider Ichigo's first body? Why Amazon's enemy is Gorgos instead of Geddon and Garanda Empire? Stronger fought not only Black Satan, but Delza Army too... This is pathetic...