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Sunday, January 23, 2011



Since I was in standard 4, I was obsessed with the cartoon Dragon Ball. I buy all 36 pieces of their comic from beginning until the end without missing any of it. So, I would like to share my passion with you about my past time heroes in Dragon Ball like Son Goku, Gohan,Bezita and many more..

So, hope you enjoy reading my past time heroes:)

There you go..The family of Dragon Ball, from the Grand Father Goku until the last grandchildren of him 

OK, lets start..The story of Dragon Ball start when a boy name Goku meet the young Bulma while she's on mission searching for the Dragonball. Goku come from Nameck , a planet far away from earth and Goku is Saiya.

Growing up as Goku is not easy, hw met many challenges during his lifetime. Goku has been death 3 times and ressurected by using Dragon Ball. Goku responsibilities is to make sure the future of human safe.

In the story, Goku met with his old mates in Nameck name Bezita. At first, Bezita try to conquer the earth but laslty he turned out to be the pair of Goku when they both fighting enemies.


Dragon Ball was first publish in 1995 by Akira Toriyama, A japanese Manga Drawer. Dragon become so popular until the publication of the comics reach nearly the whole world. By time passing by, Dragon Ball has evolve until it creates many series of Dragon Ball like Dragon Ball Z and until today the Movie of Dragon has been published. Try check out Dragon Ball Evolution.


Ok,lets start with the main characters.


Goku was the grand son of Gohan, a Kung Fu legend in the story. Goku was send to earth by a spaceship because the Bezita Planet was attacked and his father died in protecting the planet. Born as Saiya, Goku can turn to a vicious Gorilla monster when it come to full moon. By the way, every Saiya born with a tail with them. By this ability, Goku was accidentally killed his grand father Gohan.

Actually, Goku was the son of Bardock, a legendary Saiya fighter from Bezita planet. Goku has a brothers name Raditz. Raditz came to earth to take Goku back to his place but Goku ressist. Goku has encountered many enemies like Majin Buu, Fliza, Cell and many more. As a result, Goku has died 3 times and according to Dragon God, those who died 3 times cannot be ressurected any more.


Dragon God is the mystical dragon came out after being ressurected by using 7 Dragon Ball. As a reward, the dragon give 3 wishes for those who awaken him. The Dragon Ball was made by the King of Nameck and produce in Nameck. Human had been using Dragon Balls to fullfill their wish. 

The Dragon God


Bezita is the son of King Bezita. He's very arrogant, at first he become the enemies of Goku. But, lately he turn out and become Goku sidekick fighting against the enemies. Bezita is married to Bulma and have a son name Trunks. He's only aim is to be the strongest person in the world and overcome Goku. 


Gohan, the sons of Goku

Trunks, The son of Bezita

Bulma, the wife of Bezita.

Wife of Goku, she's the daughter Death King

Goten, the son of Gohan and grand children of Goku

Kurin, goku best mates since they were young

Raditz, brother of Goku.

Master Roshi, some call him Turtle Master, he's the one teaching Goku since he was a kid.

The Villain

Pikor, he's once being Goku greatest enemy. He came from Nameck. Pikor can regenerate his body because he own the power of Nameck Leader. One day, before Nameck Leader died, he combine himself with Pikor and live in him as 2 person.

Majin Buu was awaken by his master. Once he was Goku enemies, a ruthless enemy. But after defeated by Goku, he become the friend of them.

Cell, he came from future.He cause Goku died once.



  1. LOL...Goten is Goku 2nd son not Gohan son.Pan is the only child of Gohan.

  2. your blog is so cool dude! XD
    totally love the fishies.. :P

  3. you spelled a lot of names wrong fliza is frieza, pikor is piccolo and kurin is kuririn or krillin

  4. what are you guys talking about? The names are properly spelled. Watch the Japanese version and you'll understand. There's also no V in Japanese.

  5. tq for visit and read my blog..really appreciate it

  6. fail blog... kurin?? whatta fuck??? it's krillin!