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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hola come the second post from me :)..its about my favorite band..Opps..why suddenly I write about band, I suppose to write about cartoon am I? Actually, in this post..the cartoon I'm adore is playing in a band..a very unique band...The name...Gorillaz..

The first song of Gorillaz came in my head since  I was in standard 4, and the song name Clint Eastwood. At first, I do thought Gorillaz is a weekend cartoon program. But year after year, I found out that Gorillaz is cartoon band. I like them so much, why?

Firstly, because the characters were so cute and rock. Do you know Russel?2d?Murdoc, and Noodle?
My favorite character was Noodle, why Noodle? Because the first time I get to know Noodle, she was so small and she can play guitar...Plus, She is the lead guitarist for Gorillaz.

Here I'm about to introduce you about the band..

2D: The Vocalist for Gorillaz.He seems so shy to talk

Russel: He play drum for the band. He like to eat eels.

Murdoc: The most violent guy in cartoon world I ever knew. He play bass for he band.

My Favorite Noodle: She's from Japan.and she play lead guitar for Gorillaz.

Ok, thats the member of the band. But actually, I am not about to tell you about the music of the band, but I'm about to tell you about GORILLAZ in the real life. Why in real life? 

Because the make the band looking so alive. This is the main reason why I like them so much. Gorillaz never show their true face in front of the public. Not only face, they never expose their body too. Which mean, they come in cartoon mode. Even when they are performing in a live show, they use a super large screen and play as a cartoon character on the stage, imagine how's that could be done.
Ok, lets go for the man behind GORILLAZ


Right: Jamie Hewlett, the man behind Gorillaz.

Jamie Christopher Hewlett or known as Jamie Hewlett born in West Sussex in Horsham. After all this time, he's the man who draw Gorillaz until today.  Jamie was a very talented cartoon artist. He do publish many comics book for example like Tank Girl.

Tank Girl: By Jamie Hewlett, one of his comic.

On that time Jamie was cooperating with his buddy name Olivier in order to publish comic, to create new cartoon. But the day of Jamie and Olivier befriend is over when they both split for their own good.

Next, Jamie move into a flat with his friend name Damon Albarn. After a long time of staying together, suddenly both of them decide to produce a virtual band name as Gorillaz with the help from Jamie himself. 

Jamie is the person who created 2D, Murdoc Nicalls, Russel and Noodle by making them look like so alive, I mean not about the drawing of the character, its about how the play the role for the cartoon character that make it so real.

I still remember one time when I was watching the program CRIBS in MTV.  Suudenly, CRIBS is coming to Murdoc house. I was so excited to see Murdoc in real life and in his house because I never seen Murdoc in real life. But, I was shocked when CRIBS only shown the house of Murdoc in virtual mode which mean in Cartoon. See, they never show themselves and make their cartton character like living among us like normal people.

This is the video of CRIBS, visited to Murdoc house.

Ok, lets move on the Character, first up is 2D.


2D is born in 23 May 1978 with his birth name Stuart Pot. Some call him Stu, Stu-Pot and 2D.
2D was born in Crawley, West Sussex. 2D is the vocalist of the band. He's a very shy guy, with a brilliant brain to create song. He always being bully by Murdoc. In real life, 2D is played by Damon Albarn. Many have seen the face pf Damon Albarn, why? Did I said that Gorillaz never shown their faces? This is because Damon Albarn is the vocalist for another biggest band in the world, BLUR.

Blur: 2 from left is Damon Albarn, the man behind 2D

Damon Albarn, 2D on real life.

The story of 2D started when 2D nickname came  from the dent the character has in each eye socket causing them to look pitch black and empty, both caused by accidents with Murdoc's vehicle. 2D real name is Stuart Tusspot. 

Ok enough about 2D, lets go to the next character, Murdoc Nicalls.


Murdoc: He's the bassist for Gorillaz

Murdoc or his real name Murdoc Nicalls was abandoned by his father since he was a children . Murdoc been exposed to many violent and street lifestyles that affect his attitude until todays as a very violent person and really enjoy himself bullying 2D. Murdoc like to eats weird food like Eeels that je steals from Russel. Murdoc live in a caravan in Kong Country. 

Remember the Jeep in 19 2000 video clips, the Jeep belongs to him.But he dont call that Jeep as jeep, but a Space Shuttle.  In the past Album, theres a song entitled El Manana . The songs is about how Gorillaz is being captured and hunt by the Government( which government? I dont know). Remember the song Feel Good Inc, where Noodle and Murdoc being chased by a helicopter?

It ends with Noodle death but it was only a hoax. Ok, thats will be enlarge on other part, now lets move on to Russel and his real life.

In real life, Murdoc name is Murdoc Alphonse Nicalls. He was actually born in Staffordshire in England. But, I never have seen his real face before. I heard from some sources that Murdoc is a 35 age man with long hair but I dont know that. Murdoc real name is Murdoc Faust Nicalls.



Noodle is the lead guitar for the Gorillaz, created by Jamie and Damon Albarn, the character Noodle was originally name Suzuki. 

Noodle arrived at the front door of the Gorillaz house by a FedEx crate. Gorillaz suddenly accept Noodle as the fourth member of Gorillaz. But why noodle?  In the story, Noodle cant even a speak a single English word except 'NOODLE'. start from that her name change to Noodle.

After 3 years of misery, Noodle went back to Japan to explore and recaptured the memories about herself  after she haunted by a strange dreams which asking her to get back to Japan. Noodle do return to Japan and suddenly she met with her creator Mr Kyuzo who work in a restaurant.

Finally, Noodle find out who she really is. From the websites..Noodle is

 part of a secret government super soldier project, trained specially as a
 musician. As a result, she is a master of many weapons, languages, and musical instruments, with a speciality in the guitar, both as a musical instrument, and a weapon.

Hahahah,,ok thats for Noodle, But....After 2010 El Manana incident, Noodle is classified gone by the Gorillaz after the attack by the Helicopter that leaves the Flying Windmill with Nothing. Being sad by the loss, Murdoc created a new member of Gorillaz using some DNA of Noodle and created Cyborg Noodle. Cyborg Noodle have all the characteristic of the real Noodle, but he only obey Murdoc orders. Cyborg Noodles love Twilight and Robert Pattinson. 

Right: Cyborg Noodle


Russel: The drummers for Gorillaz.

Russel was born in June 1975 and created by Jamie and Damon. He was born in Brooklyn as very successful  child in her young age. In the story, Russel attend the Xavier High School for gifted youngster where he studied alongside the X MEN heroes. He was expelled due to his behavior of assaulting others student while being controlled in demonic possession.

After being expelled, Russel was fall into coma and a man called Father Merin ask the Demon to inhabiting the Russel body. After that, Russel was unable to return to the school and he was return back to Brooklyn and studied there. It was time for him to learn the hip hop culture from Brooklyn.

Time after time, the soul who inhabitant  the Russel body became his close in friend who name Del . In creating song, in rapping and in drum sessions Del always helping Russel in his works.

In late 2003, The Grim Reaper came and rip off Del who lived in Russel body. Due to the death of Del, Russel fall in coma about a years. Waking up as a new Russel, he finally return to the Kong Studios and when he return, the band has already started to create a new album. When he did return, the band was startled at the fact that his already large proportions had doubled or even tripled.

This is Kong Studios, besides The Flying Windmill

El Manana, the incident cause Gorillaz to move to the new home. The Plastic Beach.

The Plastic Beach, New Album, New Home

OK, thats all for today..Before I end this post, do visit the GORILLAZ.COM for more information.


  1. Ok, bro... you got this story upside-down backwards. I'm a harccore Gorillaz fan too, and more than 1/2 of this stuff is in wrong order or completely wrong.

    For example, the entire band is imagined up. The true mastermind behind it is Damon Albarn, with Jamie Hewlett not far behind.

    Also, the reason they left Kong Studios is because Murdoc burned it down for insurance money so he could pay off debts and find a new home.

  2. Well, Phase 1 is basically Murdoc gathering eveyone to start the band, and the few misadventures they had.

    It starts off with Murdoc's criminal record, where he is the exact same way he is now. He starts off by ram-raiding a music store where Stuart (Tuss)Pot* is working (Stuart Tusspot is 2D's real name, but he had it legally changed to Stuart Pot). He hits 2D, and robs the store. He gets caught, and has to take care of the vegetated 2D. In the crash, the bumper of the car hit his eye, causing him to have his signature "black" eye, called an 8-ball fracture. 2D is basically a zombie, and he can't even take care of himself.

    Later, Murdoc was showing off to some women in a stupidly planned stunt in the Geep. He failed, and sent 2D flying out of the car. He hits the curb, and wakes up out of his vegetated state. His other eye also gets hit, and has an 8-ball fracture, causing both eyes to become black. He isn't blind, however. But 2D got his name. It came from him after the his name from the two accidents with the eyes. It's about "two dents" in his eyes, hence 2D.

    Russel is the one I don't know much about, but Murdoc picked him up off a school where Russel was failing after "the accident." What happened was that Russel was hanging with a lot of his friends, when a gang came and killed everyone except for Russel. Russ was traumatized, and he became possessed by Del (one of his killed friends), the ghost you will see in the "Clint Eastwood" and "Rock the House" videos. (Del was exorcized from Russel in Demon Days. Ironic.)

    After the three of them came together, they put an ad in the newspaper for a guitarist, and they received a package in the mail. When they opened it, there was a girl who only spoke Japanese, and could play a rocking guitar solo. The only English word she could say was noodle, hence her name now, Noodle.

    I can't really piece anything up after that... there were some disagreements, and they broke up. Not sure why. Onto Phase 2!

  3. In Phase 2, Murdoc pulls the band back together, and finds them around from all over the place. Noodle had been writing several songs. The songs Noodle had written later became Demon Days, which Murdoc later tried to credit himself with, and discredit Noodle.

    Noodle has recovered her memories and several abilities, starts having nightmares due to the memories, and always seeks out 2D to help her sleep and calm down. She was actually a Japanese super soldier, and someone who was working on her experiment saved her by shipping her to the Gorillaz when they put the ad in the paper.

    In the progress of Demon Days... there were several discrepancies, and Murdoc was in trouble with the law. He is an outlaw at this point, and was very tense. In the videos, there is Feel Good Inc., and all the others, but I only know logic behind El Mañana.

    In the "El Mañana Conspiracy," what allegedly happened was that Murdoc had this person who was going to be in Noodle's place in the band, and he was angry and was going to perform a horrible deed to Gorillaz. Murdoc struck a deal with him that they would get rid of Noodle in a music video. On the windmill, this person (I think his name was Jimmy something) would be in the windmill, and would jump out, shoot Noodle, and ditch before the windmill crashed. However, little did Jimmy know, that Murdoc actually was a good little angel this time. He actually was working with Noodle, and said that if she would go with this music video, then she could get a break from the band, as she had wanted. So, in the end, Jimmy gets locked in the windmill, and can't escape. Noodle actually had a parachute and was able to escape the wreckage. After that, she deserted, causing 2D and Russel to panic, and the band fell apart... again.

    Now, a seldom known part is that Noodle apparently came back to Kong Studios after El Mañana, the building featured in most of the "Gorillaz" album music videos. On, for a short time, you could actually tour the studio. In Noodle's room, her voice was once reported coming from a radio, calling for help. The unofficial story is that demons were coming to capture Murdoc and take him to hell, but they were confused. Either that, or they took Noodle as a hostage. Anyways, Noodle was dragged into hell, and Murdoc (again) decided to have a heart and he went in and rescued Noodle. This "rescue" during the transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3.

  4. In Phase 3, Murdoc goes and finds everyone all over again to piece to band together. However, he only has luck with 2D. In the "Ident" video series, you will see Murdoc on a boat with plenty of money and champagne. He is celebrating an unknown event, when he is attacked by a sniper. He escapes, but only barely. In Russel's ident, you see him marching on a dock and jumping into the ocean, which becomes very important later. In 2D's Ident, he is in his room in Kong Studios, where he is gassed. He is put in a briefcase, and wakes up on Plastic Beach. So, what Murdoc has done in these is...
    1. Captured 2D
    2. Burnt Kong Studios for insurance money (he is in debt and wanted by international police)
    3. About Russel: He couldn't find him, but he programmed a drum beat, which would "sound better anyway," according to Murdoc.
    4. About Noodle: Unknown, but he doesn't find her.

    So, during the beginning of Plastic Beach, or Phase 3, Murdoc builds a robot version of Noodle, now called Cyborg Noodle. He did this by collecting Noodle's DNA from the El Mañana wreckage. Also, as for 2D, Murdoc treats him like a slave. He imprisons him on the bottom of Plastic Beach, and Murdoc even hires a whale to watch 2D. Now, 2D is DEATHLY afraid of whales, and this makes him officially hate Murdoc. Hate, hate.

    On Russel, when he jumped into the water, his goal apparently was to swim to Plastic Beach. On his way, he ate so much waste and garbage that his size grew to enormous lengths. He becomes a living giant.

    As for Noodle, we first meet her in Phase 3 in "On Melancholy Hill." She is escaping pirates, possibly brought on by her affiliation with Gorillaz or because Murdoc sent them. She is partially saved by Russel, who picks her up, and she rides on his head to Plastic Beach.

    As for the three... "connecting" videos, which are:
    1st: Stylo
    2nd: On Melancholy Hill
    3rd: Doncamatic (I think I spelled it wrong, and I might also be wrong on the 3rd video altogether.)
    I cannot give you logic behind them. It appears as if they are being chased in Stylo, and in On Melancholy Hill, it seems like these are the submarines of celebrities and co-contributers to the actual album. Can't provide much other details here.

    Most important is the "Rhinestone Eyes" storyboard. It is a partial video, creating and answering questions at the same time. The Boogie Man (the monster seen taking down the manatee in "On Melancholy Hill"), is on top of the Plastic Beach. Cyborg Noodle engages him, and he jumps away from the island on to some kind of pirate ship, that can be seen all over the iTunes LP copy in Plastic Beach. There is a flashback, of some sort of deal that Murdoc tricked the Boogie Man into. Both have some sort of background, but you can't tell what.

    The Boogie Man then brings on some kind of army of the undead, but not zombies. You can't tell from the hand-drawn pictures. They continue fighting, along with some of the people who tagged along with Murdoc in submarines in "On Melancholy Hill." All of a sudden, Russel jumps up out of the water and swats down all the planes, and a lot of other enemy vehicles. He then opens his mouth, which contains Noodle. The video ends with Noodle glaring at Cyborg Noodle, leaving all of us hanging in dreaded suspense.

  5. That, my good sir, is everything in Gorillaz up to today. Let me fill you in on some other minor details.

    1. For 2011, Damon Albarn is apparently on break from Gorillaz, work on his main band, The Good, The Bad, and the Queen. Or something like that.
    2. Plastic Beach itself is the farthest point from any landmass on Earth.
    3. Sometime in Phase 3, Murdoc apparently found a copy of a book called "Plastic Beach," explaining everything in life from the Big Bang to today. There are 13 chapters, most of which contain Murdoc's ancestors, stirring up trouble or witnessing it. Murdoc eventually gets to Chapter 12, where it details his arrival to Plastic Beach and everything he's done there. However, Chapter 13 is blank, referencing that the future is unknown.

    1. Wow u know just as much as I do!:D
      I'm a huge gorillas fan,they'r my favorite band :)
      I signed up to their website and have all their albums and singles.......I'm a bit of a geek:D
      Oh yeah they broke up in phase 1 after completely and utterly failing at making a cheap gorillas movie with some dodgie looking people....they jus called. It. A. Day after from frustration.

    2. tq for visit and read my blog..really appreciate it