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Saturday, January 22, 2011



 Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story,Pink panther, woody woodpecker,doreamon, shin chan, batman, superman, this is one of the cartoon that we love and like since we kids. We adore them even that all the cartoon character. I guess every one of us have their own favourite cartoon since kids and maybe until now. After all, we willing to scarified our times on maybe Saturday and Sunday morning to watch our favourite cartoon until afternoon. But what is actually a cartoon? What are really means by cartoon? Why we still like to watch cartoon even though we in teens.  Cartoon has evolved years by years. Cartoon has been introduced since 80s until now. in simple word cartoon is a drawing but in other word cartoon can be describe as a form of art with diverse origins and even more diverse in modern meaning. Cartoon in its historical meaning means a cartoon is a full size drawing made on paper as a study for a further artwork such as a painting. Cartoon can defined in many type of cartoon such in political cartoon, cartoon for artwork, portrait cartoon, comic strip, web comic and movie cartoon.


Cartoon For Artwork

Drawing that is a full-sized design for a finished artwork. The cartoon might be drawing for painting that can be put onto a wall or ceiling. Cartoons were also made to design tapestry (permaindani). The most famous cartoon are be drawn by Raphael and the cartoon was Life of St Peter. And the cartoon is stated in the Victoria & Albert Museum.


Political Cartoon

drawings that were about political subject like election, war, poverty and riots. the drawing have been sold cheaply and can be found in newspaper at that time. In 1700s Willam Hogarth often made sets of funny drawing that about political issues. The word cartoon was first used in 1843 in English magazine which called Punch

 Portrait Cartoons

Cartoon often showed real politicians or other famous people. There are many modern cartoon artist who do portrait cartoon or called caricatures. These characters easy to recognise just make some of their features bigger or smaller.

Comic Strips

Comic strip is type of cartoon that publishes in newspaper, but they usually just called “comic strips. Garfield is one of famous comic strip that have publish in newspaper since past.  In 1950 onward the newspaper have publish their own superheroes like Superman and The Phantom.

 Web Comics

Web comic is comic strips that a posted on the internet. Some of the web use animation and sound for their own special effect. Mostly the independent artist was publish their web comic  on internet to show to the people.

Movie Cartoons

 Just because of beginning of the movie industry, some of artist began experimenting with making drawing that seemed to move. Not only animal but also human. Walt Disney and Warner Bros both made famous cartoon. Still remember cartoon like Felix the Cat (1922), Mickey Mouse (1928), Popeye (1929) Bugs Bunny (1940) this is one of the famous cartoon and the early cartoon that make into movie. The first cartoon that under Walt Disney is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937). movie called animation soon became a popular type of entertainment. modern animated movies are than created using digital media rather than hand-drawn cartoon. Toy story(1995) and Shrek(2001) was the early cartoon that using the digital media  in making the cartoon

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