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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hye probably has read the current post about Doraemon..But, I think it maybe not enough information..So, here come the Second Part Of Doraemon

The Dora Brothers


Dora the Kids live in USA. He's very good in shooting. But actually, Dora the Kid is somehow afraid of height. Dora the Kid always use the Magic Air Gun as his main weapons in fighting the enemy. Dora the Kid has a girlfriend, and it was Dorami..The Doraemon sister


Among all the Dora brothers, Wang Dora is the smartest among them all. Wang Dora live in china and he's master in Kung Fu. Wang Dora masters in medicine and good in Kung Fu skill. He has a nurse girlfriend name  Mimiko.


Dora Med II live in middle east country. Among the Dora brothers, Dora Med II wears turban and arabic clothing and he's master in magic. To be simplify, he's like the image of Alladin but in Doraemon looks. He's hobby is playing the tarot cars. Among all the brothers, Dora Med II have the ability to turn himself become a big size doraemon. He also dream to open a Water Themepark in the middle of the dessert.

Dora Nichov

Dora Nichov cant speak fluently with the others. In the story, Dora Nichov communicate by growling. Dora Nichov is sensitive to cold and among the brothers, Dora Nichov come second as the smartest behind Wang Dora. Dora Nichov is sensitive to round object, even his favorite food is Dorayaki, he dont eat it in front others because when he sees rounf thing, he will transform to a wild wolf and attack everybody.


El Matadora lives in Spain. Among all of the, El Matadora is the strongest among them all. He always test his ability with Dora The Kid to prove who are the strongest. If Zorro leaves Z mark after defeated an enemy, El Matadora leaves D mark after defeated an enemy. He's dream...a MATADOR!!


Dora Rinho leaves in Brazil and he's hobby is playing football. His special ability is in kicking and shooting right on target. He's a very fast Dora, but he's lack in memory. 


In Doraemon story, all the Dora's brothers favorite food is DORAYAKI. Dorayaki may seem only exist only in the comics. But actually, Dorayaki do exist in the real world. Dorayaki is a  a type of Japanese confection which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste.

The Japanese manga and anime character Doraemon loves dorayaki, and it has been a plot device several times throughout the series. This is a kind of pun, though his name comes not from "dorayaki" but from the word "doraneko" (stray cat.) Since 2000, the company Bunmeido has been selling a limited version of dorayaki called Doraemon Dorayaki every year around March and September.

Ok thats all for today entry, By the way how about if you visit the official website of Doraemon.

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