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Sunday, January 30, 2011



This is the cartoon I always watched since i was a kid. It was so memorable. Usop Sontorian Malaysia is the best cartoon series of the memories I remember . The cartoon series was showed  onTV1 since  I was in primary school. I still remember when watching it with friends .. 

Usop Sontorian is Malaysia's first animated series. The cartoon series created by Ujang with Kamn Ismail and published by Charisma Pictures Sdn. Bhd.. 1993-1996
Usop Sontorian story about a boy named Usop who live in Kampung Parit Sonto located not far from the town of Ayer Hitam, Johor. She lives with her parents and was the youngest child in the family. His sister loves him to the grocery store to buy acid boi while his brother is fond of cycling around the village to find Usop. Usop have a few friends compatriot analyzed as Abu, Dol, Ah Kim, Vellu and Singh. He also had a chicken named Selebet selebet.


Usop Sontorian series of 49 episodes have been produced include: Run From Home,New Friends, best in, Dol Move, Play Guitar, Swordsman, Play Raft, Camp, Selebet,Athletes, General Class, Mission Impossible, Abu Oh Abu, Kartini, Child Elephants,Budin to KL, Kak Kiah Unfortunately, the World Air, Freedom and others.

This series has created its own history by becoming the first animated series in TV Malaysia, trains and develops talent to discover artists from around the country in a series of tour interviews. Employees were animation Usop Sontorian 94 people at the end of 1996. This series of launch was officiated by Information Minister Mohamed Rahmat on January 20, 1996 at PWTC.

Usop Sontorian also made history when he found a warm welcome from the Japanese when it aired in the Asia Animation Festival (Hiroshima) in June 1996. Now, Usop Sontorian roam the world with a variety of topics including, Usop and friends, Adventures Of Usop and Usop And Gang


There is another cartoon produce by local cartoonist Keluang Man.  Keluang Man series (Batman Malaysia) is the mostwell received series of fantastic not too long ago .. This series theme song is sung by the singer Krisya an attraction for children at that time.

Keluang Man is the story of a young man living in Hospital Bahagia Tumpoi is actually a defender of universal human Keluang Man. Tiungman assistants often help defeat the enemies of the country as the police led by Inspector Tampoi Sahab is often too late to the scene while Khaty Ismail, a newspaper reporter Metropolitan Tumpoi  supehero often trying to track down this mystery. 

Keluang Man behind the mask is a patient in an insane hospital, Roger. He is a martial arts champion before admission to hospital insane. He helped Samad, the hospital's best friend Joy Tumpoi Borhan, the evening was a good friend and Tiongman assistantKeluang Man. She had a lover named Aisha, but he broke with Aisha because peoplesay that he is crazy and can only stay in Hospital Bahagia Tumpoi.

Before admission to hospital, Samad is a successful mechanic, but that is notaccidental explosion occurred at the workshop causes memory loss and need to be restored. Tiongman character is based on indirect character Batman, Robin.

Tiong Man popular wuth this dialog: "I'm already crazy, Ecah! Brother dah crazy!" Tiongman words when Aishah still want to meet him at the Hospital Bahagia, while the most interesting scenes of the character of Aisha was tika which inadvertently forfeited Tiongman gloves while trying to rescue Aisha, to reveal a ring that had been given to Samad, and without knowledge Tiongman , Aisha actually has to know his identity.


Animation in Malaysia began in 1946 with the establishment of the Malayan Film Unit(now known as the National Film). The first short animated film is the saga of Reindeer(Anandam Xavier, 1978) and aired in 1983. Short films that appeared between 1984and 1987 were: Reindeer & Monkey, Reindeer & Crocodiles, The Smart Crow, TheArrogant Hare and the Lion of greed.

The call by the government against the use of digital technology in the early 1980s saw the production of the first TV series, Usop Sontorian by the private sector (KamnIsmail, 1993). While the first feature film, Silat Lagenda (Hassan Abd Muttalib) aired in1998. Last, a 31 series TV, 4 telemovie and 3 feature films were made (some of themhave been sold to other 



Do you still remember the first Malaysia's animated show about the year 1998first. Yes, the animation is called Silat Lagenda. It is an issue KRU & PeninsulaPictures. I very much hope that the animation that brings the story of the history of the Malay warrior can be a real movie.It doesn't matter  who show promise of playing a sound and a great action fight battle on par with China or Thailand film. If Silat Lagendasuccessful live action films, of course, he got box-office. It is best if you can watch aversion of Silat Lagenda man!


Usop Sontorian 1995 - the first TV Animation Series


Some cartoonists have also been lifted them into the form of animated characters.Among these are: Lat (Kampong Boy - developed in the United States and animatedin the Philippines); Imuda (Matt Dark, the first local film with character animation), Nan(Din Taxi), and Ujang (Usop Sontorian).


LAT (Mohamed Nor Khalid) is one of the most-read  cartoonists in Southeast Asia, and with the continued, widespread reprinting and translating of his cartoons, he is gaining worldwide fame.
His annual compilations of his strips into books have been extremely successful with one, Kampung Boy, selling more than 100,000 copies. The first print of  60,000 over copies sold out within four months and it had to be reprinted. For a country like Malaysia, that response is a big amount. His comics have a very wide range for an audience including  children, intellectuals, and politicians who are fans.